New coffees in…

A selection of (predominantly) Brazilian coffees have been arriving at the roastery, over the last couple of weeks. We’ve been busy roasting and cupping. Some truely fantastic coffees – and i mean fantastic!

Brazil Ipanema Pulped Natural Gourmet 19
Massive, screen 19 (the largest screen) beans. Really nice in the espresso machine, lots of dark chocolate notes. A joy in the filter too. Excellent coffee.

Rwanda Musasa
The name counjours images from the Lion King, which always brigns a smile to my face!
Lighter roasts of this coffee allow the bright, fruity acidity to really make their way through, though somewhat lost in the darker roasts – the trade off here being a greater depth of body.

Brazil Fazenda Monte Alegre Fully Washed
A very delicate coffee. Subtle dryness and cocoa flavours. Very smooth on the palate – almost silky mouthfeel. Spent the last weekend with this coffee (hello!) and Aeropressed it – again very delicate. Espresso brings out the dry cocoa found in cupping.

Brazil Fazenda Samambaia Pulped Natural Yellow Bourbon
We’ve been looking forward to the new crop of this coffee for a while now. Incredibly versatile coffee which seems to shine at a range of roast profiles – so i guess its a good one for the home roasters out there. Light roasts possess a hint of fruit, changing to cocoa nuttiness and sweet caramel when taken a little darker. Really amazing single origin espresso that cuts through milk like a knife through butter! Can’t get enough of this little number!

Brazil Fazenda Inglaterra – Toca Da Onça
A great Brazilian coffee – suprisingly fruity in the lighter, filter-based roasts. Taking it a little darker, it develops into an awesome espresso. Highly recommended if you get the chance to have a play with this!


~ by E-83 on March 7, 2007.

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