Restaurant Coffee

This is a subject that i’ve been wondering about for quite a while now. Reading Giorgio Locatelli’s A Chef’s Guide to Italy column in the Guardian a little while ago has reignited my ranting-candle.

Please bear in mind that i have a massive amount of respect for the man and admire what he is doing, but i’m just using this as one example.

In the first line of the column he admits to being a Coffee Fanatic and tells of how each region of Italy has it’s dedicated artisanal roasters. So, you would assume that after setting up his own restaurant, he would naturally source his coffee from a similar outlet in Britan. After all, isn’t it all the chefs and food police that are telling us to buy local produce and supporting the small business where possible. And not just for their sake either – the whole point is to achive a superior product that is fresher and has travelled less miles, etc. I could go on here…

Well, as you’ll notice in the article, Illy is his coffee of choice, like most other eateries, which is such a shame. He (and they) could come along for a tasting session, see what they like and even have a blend made exclusively for their restaurant. Delivered on a regular basis, this enables them to serve their customers the finest coffee in its peak condition.

Makes sense doesn’t it?


~ by E-83 on March 13, 2007.

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