Happy Accidents

Be it in music, food, drink, well anything where one is following a predetermined procedure to create something new, there will always be moments where your attention slips and the subconscious (I guess!) takes over for those crucial seconds.

The results are certainly unexpected, though the outcomes can often be rather desirable. These moments are what I’d call happy accidents.

In the most recent instances, they are things like working on a new blend and getting the proportions completely wrong, though not realising this error until close to a week later – long after the tasting sessions have concluded which is the right blend, and supposedly given great insight into the coffees used!

Another example is whilst roasting, having a moment of haziness (the opposite of clarity?!) and forgetting which coffee is in the drum. This ultimately results in brief panic, followed by me dumping the coffee out into the cooling bin. This could have been a coffee that would usually have sat in there for a further 20 or 30 degrees even, before reaching it’s “desired” temperature, but we now have 10 kilos at this profile. We cup it. We like it!

Et voila! A happy accident!


~ by E-83 on March 15, 2007.

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