Mountain Top by any other name does not taste as sweet!

Well, this came in a little while ago now, at the same time as some of the Brazils actually. The first thing I noticed about this coffee was that it was 2005 crop, shortly followed by the overwhelming eucalyptus smell of the greens. “Thats odd” I thought. “Now, lets do some sample roasts…”.

Nibbling on some beans straight from the roaster proved the suspicions were correct – there was something not quite right with the coffee. I couldn’t quite place it, nor did I want to dwell on the taste lingering around my palate. It had an antiseptic-ness to it, like coffee that had been stored in a first aid kit, or that had been sitting in an NHS waiting room too long. Not good.

Cupping the following day was as equally upsetting. A real shame.


~ by E-83 on March 16, 2007.

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