Coffee Progression

We are constantly learning. Procedures and guidelines adhered to in the previous year, month or week even are superseded with new information and techniques developed in the time since. This information instantly renders old ways of thinking redundant, and makes what was once deemed the new, or the de rigeur way of achieving a target, out of date or incorrect.

For some this may seem inconvenient: once you’ve just mastered the “correct” way of doing something, you are now old hat and have to learn once again. But to others, this is what keeps us interested, addicted even, to the world of coffee and it’s evolution.

After all, the coffee itself is never the same bean twice. As an organic product (as in organisms, not biodynamics) it is constantly changing, crop to crop. The farmers who cultivate the coffee are also traveling the same path of progression – it is in their interests to improve their crop, in order to realise it’s full potential, both at market and in the cup.

In the roastery, this means that however identical a blend (or single origin coffee for that matter) may be on paper, the blend made last year, month or week will be technically inferior to the same blend constructed more recently. The knowledge and experience gained since the formers’ conception will have been distilled into the construction of the latter.

Fortunately for the consumer, there seems to be a tendency within the specialty coffee industry, for those involved, to aspire to perfection, and whom strive to reach these impossible goals. Though it is this very desire which pushes the envelope and encourages people to ask, “What if…?”


~ by E-83 on March 21, 2007.

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