Home Roasting (at work) – Revisited

Well, I’ve finally gone full circle! Its been a while, but last weekend I popped back to Kent and picked up a few odds ‘n’ ends, like my ancient Bodum Santos (a bootfair bargain, purchased unused in original box for a quid or two) and one of my popcorn poppers (yes, I have several! This too a bootfair bargain, though costing just a few pence! Beat that).

I decided yesterday to give the popper a whirl at work, just to see how it fared after this time. Dropped 100g of Samambaia P/N in and off it went. First pops of the crack were quite early, but the roast went on at a nice steady pace. Just into second crack, around 9 mins, I dumped the beans into the cooling bin of the Diedrich (overkill or what?!). I feared a slight bake, though the beans looked and tasted great! Aeropressed a bit earlier and it tasted sooooo good. I love that coffee.

Gonna have a brew-off this weekend consisting of Aeropress vs. Santos vs. Chemex, which should be interesting. Will post pics and results in the new week. Until then, adios!


~ by E-83 on March 30, 2007.

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