Sitio Du Tileco

Again, it’s been a while, but the weathers been very nice of late, and it’s been hard trying to sit in after work and write posts here. It’s that time of year, and there are lots of things to do in the garden, don’t you know?!

100% organic and from the Sul de Minas region, this is another great Brazilian coffee to add to this seasons’ must-try selection (see the older post, below), this came in at the beginning of April, and looking back at my cupping notes (dated 11/04) there were some interesting things happening at different roast levels. Lighter roasts were producing a very nice buttery/creamy note with a hint of chocolate coming through. My cupping notes also detail peachy flavours present, which isn’t a term I use often. This lighter roast level makes a lovely filtered cup.

A few degrees darker and the peachiness is lost, though when pushed a few degrees further into second crack the magic happens: the coffee opens up and the flavour is taken to another level entirely – with sweetness and the fruit notes jumping back at you. A really nice, well rounded cup ideal for the espresso machine!


~ by E-83 on May 3, 2007.

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