More New Arrivals!

Having literally just finished a thoroughly conclusive cupping session, the “stars of the table” are listed below. This session was actually the latter of two, as we’ve had a few different things in recently, and our current style of assessment gives us a number of roast profiles to taste for each coffee. We feel that this is necessary to fully evaluate the potential of each coffee, thus finding which brew method, or style, is best suited to each bean or roast.

Kenya Gethumbwini

The return of this absolutely killer coffee has been much anticipated, and for a while it looked like it was going to be some time before we got to get our hands it. Luckily, a bag rolled in to the roastery and we got busy! This can’t really be faulted. Amazing black-fruit aroma and taste, really great! You can smell this from a mile off when a bag is opened or a bit is being ground. Believe the hype, this is great!

Brazil Organic Camocim Estate Bourbon

This coffee comes from a highly regarded farm in the Espirito Santo region of Brazil. Most of the profiles we had roasted of this coffee seemed to be rather under – quite acidic and a bit too green and nutty. It wasn’t until a few darker roasts were done yesterday and cupped that the full flavour of this coffee was realized. Nice chocolate notes, though a bitter cocoa coming through on the lighter (of the darker) roasts. A lovely nutty after taste comes through, with a great body and pleasant creaminess!

Brazil Organic Camocim Estate Catucai

From the same farm as the Bourbon, though this Catucai variety is, for me, a little more exciting. Again the lighter profiles we had cupped earlier were a little underdeveloped – that same sharp acidity, though with the promise of nice fruit notes and some sweetness trying to come out. As the roast temperature increased there were noticeable developments in body and mouth feel, with chocolate coming through as the cup rested. With the second round of profiles and cupping the doors really opened! Bittersweet spices began to come out and play, and for me, one of the most noticeable aftertastes was anise (though this didn’t come until some time after) and a wonderful milky chocolate. A really complex cup and making a fantastic espresso too! In fact, both of the farms’ offerings are capable of producing outstanding shots, but don’t forget the filter people!

Guatemala Black Bull Maragogype

A fully washed, massive bean with so much fruit. Pinning down the correct roast for this was a hit and miss affair. With such a large bean it’s easy to overdo it. The lighter roasts were a somewhat tart, though a very clean cup. Pushing this bean too far resulted in a plant-like fruitless mess, which almost tastes greener that the lighter profiles! I think we’ve hit the jackpot now though – I’ve got a little of this to take home this weekend, so a full update may be on the cards. Not one for the home roasting crew I’m afraid.


~ by E-83 on May 25, 2007.

One Response to “More New Arrivals!”

  1. I think the Gethumbwini is really wonderful coffee, one of my favourites this year.

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