Chemex update…

We’ve been using the Chemex quite a bit recently at the roastery, mainly as its easier to make a cup for everyone in one hit, opposed to the Aeropress (my preferred method) which takes a couple of “pressings”.

Anyway, as its fiddly to get hold of the thick, Chemex branded filter papers, we’ve been using regular unbleached affairs. I had been having problems with the brew – tasting like over extracted crap, until it clicked and i finally realised the problem. As the filters are thin, when they are wet and holding coffee they block the pouring spout – which also doubles as a air passage. As the passage was blocked, a vacuum formed and the water had considerable difficulty actually filtering through the coffee – resulting in the horrid over extraction.

I suspect that Chemex filter papers are especially thick to prevent this from ever happening to the consumer. And that, i also suspect, is the only real difference. So if like me, you don’t want to buy, or just don’t have any of the thick ones left, I recommend any other type – just keep an eye on that pouring spout and keep pulling the filter paper cone outta there!


~ by E-83 on June 7, 2007.

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