Back in the winter, a couple from Copenhagen came to visit the roastery here in Ross. They wanted to set up a place of their own back in Denmark, and have now successfully done so! Maria and Knut of Marista Kaffe kindly invited Peter and I over to Copenhagen to see how things were getting along.

We flew out of Birmingham with SAS on Friday morning, arriving just in time for lunch at Maria’s lovely new roastery. Following that, we got the roasters warmed up (nice new IR-12 and a tiny 500g HR-1) and did some profile roasts with her first Mercanta delivery.

Maria and Knut of Marista Kaffe

That evening we were taken out for a really nice meal at a place called Yan’s Wok, then rushing over to Estate Coffee to grab a coffee before they closed. One of my objectives of the trip was to try a cup from a Clover, and Estate had one sitting the other side of the counter, though as I said, they were shutting up shop and a good espresso served in heavy porcelain seemed a wiser choice rather than a Clover in a take-out cup. That shot was to be one of the best of the weekend. Very, very chocolatey, with a hint of nut.


It was an early start the next morning for breakfast at Europa which by all accounts, was very special. The coffee was ok too, though their cappuccino cups seem a bit too big for single shots and too small for doubles. Probably 9 or 10 ounce and quite milky, so I’m gonna say it was a single shot.

From there it was on to Kontra which we were a little early for, so we waited outside (in the rain) for what seemed to be a training session to end. The place is filled with lots of toys and was my first chance to see the new Marzocco GS/3 in the flesh (i have a Marzocco fetish). Chatting with Morten about roast techniques and profiles was interesting, and checking out their new (?) 30 kilo Probat was cool. They have a preference for high acidity in their coffees – so much so that I mistook a very light Gethumbwini roast for Quebradon. There was lots of citrus zing in there, though hardly any of the rich black fruits that i’m used to from that coffee. Interesting.

Peter and Morten at Kontra

Time was flying by, leaving little time left on the parking meter and little time for cup purchasing, so we made a swift exit and headed back to the roastery for a cupping of the previous days profiles and an attempt at getting an espresso blend together.

That evening, Maria drove Peter and I into town and dropped us off. In a quest for more coffee and on a hot tip-off, we popped into some more cafes, though were unfortunately let down. Thats all I’ll say. The highlight of the evening though was dinner. We sat down at an unbooked table at Nørrebro Bryghus, a restaurant and brewery, where clever pairings are made with each course of the menu and a different beer which is brewed there. A really clever idea and quite fun too – it works really well.

More coffee was to follow at a second visit to Europa, followed by another last minute Clover quest, resulting a mad dash for Estate once again (underestimating the distances between places left us with little time to spare: we jumped on the back of one those touristy-bicycle-chariot things where a guy, who is supposed to know his way around the city, pedals for his life). Naturally, Estate were just closing and denied me the Clover as it had just been cleaned down, so more espresso it was, though nowhere near the quality of the previous evenings. A few thousand miles, and I remain a Clover virgin.

Once again, big thanks to Maria and Knut of Marista Kaffe for putting us up for the weekend.


~ by E-83 on June 28, 2007.

4 Responses to “Copenhagen”

  1. you are more than welcome to come back any time. It was a pleasure having you here:-)

  2. PS: I only wish you had told me about your Clover dreams…!

  3. Hi, Peter. Great article, nice pics, and thinking of a quick weekend in Copenhagen now in your footsteps. Overdue. Cheers, Grant

  4. Grant, I’ll send your regards to Peter.

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