Very cool Costa Ricans and the new Guates

I should really sort a Cupping Table page on here somewhere, so all the coffees can be evaluated side-by-side. Maybe one day…

For now, lets talk about these rather exciting coffees: Brumas, Herbazu and the new crop Guates.

I think it was the composer Milton Babbitt whom once said, “Nothing grows old as quick as a new sound”, and the same is very true of flavours – and in this case it is coffees. We are just emerging from an onslaught of fantastic Brazils that have been filling every corner in the roastery, and no matter how good they are, one’s senses do rather tire of the same thing. Almost to the point where a new palette of coffee arrives and you find yourself sighing “oh, its just another awesome Brazil. Never mind”.

Costa Rica – Brumas del Zurquí, fully washed

From Heredia in Costa Rica’s Central Valley, the lighter roasts of this coffee are the ones to go for. Sweet, zingy acidity though with subtle dark and milk chocolate overtones and a hint of marzipan, which is quite a surprise from a Costa Rican coffee.

Costa Rica – Herbazu Estate

From the Naranjo region, this is another big chocolate surprise. The lighter roasts were a little too bright, though chocolate came through as it cooled. Roasted a bit darker, the choc come out further, though the acidity is still there which makes for a nice filtered cup. This coffee hints at the possibility of making a reasonable espresso, though you never quite escape the bright acidity.

Guatemala – Culpan Estate

When this first came into the roastery a few weeks ago, we cupped it and it just didn’t sit right on the palate. Since then, it has opened up a little, with very light roasts revealing a fruity nose and a little chocolate coming through.

Guatemala – Finca La Perla, El Quiche

Awesome coffee! Lighter roasts exhibit great acidity with a wonderful, floral freshness. Medium roasts deliver greater sense of body and a deeper chocolaty characteristic. A very fine cup indeed and a really complex espresso that works straight or with milk. Bring it on!

As a last note, the new crops of Guatemalan Las Nubes and San Francisco have arrived, which we’re looking forward to. I know they will be very fine, delicate cups. Also, the Brazilian Samambaia Natural (see note at beginning of this post!)  has just arrived and we did a little roast today, so i’ll be supping on that over the weekend as well as whats left of the Geth.


~ by E-83 on July 20, 2007.

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