Eva Solo – Cafe Solo

Eva Solo - Cafe Solo

A couple of months ago, i was perusing the John Lewis cooking gadgets catalogue when this selection of neoprene clad gizmos caught my attention. Thinking at first, that within the range was a insulated carafe (which would have been perfect for milk), i noticed that there was a funky coffee brewer – the Eva Solo. Cool!

Now this is literally a classically styled carafe, blown in borosilicate glass (think Bodum, Chemex and lab equipment) with a metal sieve/gauze perched in the neck. The whole thing is nestled inside a zip-up neoprene jacket, to keep your brew as warm as possible.

Sounds good, huh? But how does fare? Well, actually very well indeed. Providing you keep an eye on the time and don’t allow the coffee to brew for much longer than four minutes. In fact, i would rate this streets ahead of the Chemex – much simpler to use, less messy and less hassle to make good coffee. Just throw in your ground coffee (we’ve been using a cafetiere grind, around 7 grammes per 6 oz. cup), zip up the jacket and wait. Come back in a few minutes and pour out your great tasting coffee!

There is a little sediment coming through the filter, ending up in the bottom of the cup, but i suspect this is more of a grinder issue, as opposed to a fault in this funk-tionally (that’s right – funky and functional!) designed device.

The first coffee that i had the chance to try in the Cafe Solo was the Guatemalan El Bosque. Expecting a head-clearing, bright, acidic fruit experience, i was shocked to find tempting honeycomb richness in the cup, and body like never before. This was quite remarkable! A whole new world of flavour had been created right before me, and i had the key to unlock it – the Cafe Solo!

It’s not a cheap device, though neither is a Chemex, and as I’ve said, this really blows that old design away. For those looking for a new way to brew, or cater for a number of people in one hit (something the reigning king brewer, the Aeropress, struggles with) then this maybe for you. It can just as easily brew one cup as it can eight. Respect!


~ by E-83 on September 4, 2007.

4 Responses to “Eva Solo – Cafe Solo”

  1. Did you know the Eva Solo is Danish Design? Yeah, the Danes are pretty good at making coffee devices (Bodum is Danish too), although I am very disappointed with my recently bought Bodum Santos, which just boils the coffee for minutes, making all coffees taste stale and bitter. I will buy an Eva Solo instead now!

  2. You may well have just pushed me over the edge on this one. Stephen M has been going on about how good it is, and when I’ve stayed with him he’s made some great coffee from it. It was just that it was almost too pretty, if you know what I mean. However, a lot about it makes sense and I suspect that one shall be bought soon!

    (Grinder wise I am beginning to worry my Bunn is producing too many fines at the coarser grinds – need to fire the R2D2 up for a comparison!)

  3. I had to buy one yesterday – couldn’t wait testing it! And I am fully satisfied, it works really well. And I was so surprised that the coffee doesn’t get overextracted even at the second cup. But what makes it different from a French press really? The principle is so similar….

  4. Hi Maria!
    Its a shame your not getting any good results with the Santos. Its a tricky beast and i found it quite specific to grind/dose. The perfect balance is there somewhere. Great to hear your enjoying a nice new Cafe Solo – i suppose it is a little similar to a cafetiere, just implemented in a much more pleasing fashion! But there must be something else…

    …I’ll get back to you on that.

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