Organic coffee production and pest problems

Recently, I’ve noticed the signs of organic coffees suffering from pests and such like. This is obviously inevitable, as pesticides and chemical treatments cannot be used, though today I had a look a a number of different organic coffees, and all exhibited signs of the dreaded Coffee Bean Weevil (no, it doesn’t have dreadlocks).

Like little boreholes through the coffee beans, their frequency varies from coffee to coffee. As I’ve said above, all of the organics showed signs of of the pest, though it was most prolific in the Brazil Sitio Du Tileco (pictured above). Among others i inspected were Brazil’s Fazenda Camocim and Santa Terezinha (including Cup Of Excellence), Peru El Guabo and to a lesser extent, Guatemalan Finca Entre Rios.

Now this pest clearly doesn’t have a negative impact on the taste of the coffee, as these are all very fine examples, but what problems do they pose for the farmers and the consumers? Is it insignificant? Is it a problem that is treated by some sort of natural predator, and if left untreated, would it have detrimental effects?

I am intrigued…

…Some research is in order…


~ by E-83 on September 5, 2007.

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