Tea gadgets

Well, i know we’re a coffee roastery, and tea is kind of a dirty word in these circles, but Brooke Bond its what i was raised on (gotta love the chimps, remember?), and still quaff vast quantities of the stuff, both in and out of work.

Since starting at JGC, i made the effort to switch from tea bags to loose leaf, as it is right here, under my nose. No excuse really.

Whats been bothering me since is a clean, painless and hassle-free way of brewing (all sounds very familiar, doesn’t it?).

This is where these nifty one-cup brewers come in. Previously, I’d tried little perforated models of tea pots and houses, that you fill with tea and drop in your cup. These are very camp and highly inefficient, plus a real pain to empty and clean. Then these two thingies turned up (i don’t know how, they just appeared – ohh the mystique!) one i thought was a water bomb, the other was distinctly more classy (Gamila Teastick).

In use, the Teastick performed flawlessly. You slide the grille up, opening the spoon-like chamber, scoop up your tea and slide it back. Perfect! Pour over hot water and the infusion begins. The purple silicon thing was less impressive. Described by one person recently as “like a condom floating in your cup”, in use it feels like it too. Very few holes in the device itself further inhibit the brew, resulting in a rather weak drink. Not good.

Cleaning both after use was a similar story. The Teastick empties fully and with a swift rinse is ready to go again, the silicon thing however, harboured significant quantities of tea leaves after an initial attempt at emptying, requiring a good rinse to force out the remaining waste, ultimately blocking my sink in the long run.


~ by E-83 on September 13, 2007.

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