New things in…

I’ve been immensely busy of late, still haven’t sorted the roast profile sheets, but they’re on the way, as is the article/post on Coffee Pests. I promise. Just struggling to find time to take care of everything: looking for somewhere new to live; trying to sort an internet connection (unsuccessfully), plus all the top-secret projects and parties, etc. No rest for the wicked, eh?

This is just a quick note to draw a few things to people’s attention:

Costa Rica Libano Cup Of Excellence 2007

Great coffee. Really clean cup, buttery/creamy mouthfeel and fantastic body. A stunning light filter coffee. Was a winner this year at the Abergavenny Food Festival (I alone probably consumed a couple of litres).

Guatemalan Finca El Injerto

Wonderfully bitter dark chocolate – y’know, the real high quality stuff?! This makes an amazing espresso. You must try this.


~ by E-83 on October 2, 2007.

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