Amazing Ethiopian Coffees!

Well, this was easily the best table of coffees in quite a while: couldn’t really fault a single sample, which is quite something! I’ve got some more cupping notes to write up when i get the chance, but i must get these in…

Ethiopian Biloya Special Naural

Oh, so sweet! Lush fruits and a hint of game in there. Super creamy, silky body – amazing mouthfeel. Excellent! I’m really looking forward to drinking this coffee. Can’t wait! Darker roasts of this coffee give a fuller body and brings out the dry cocoa, though looses those high notes.

Ethiopian Helen Negus Yirgacheffe

Again, wonderfully sweet, zesty coffee. Full of life and with that great Yirgacheffe lemon pith/peel taste and a hint of lime. Yes!

Ethiopian Organic Keffa Forest (Utz Kapeh)

Fruity (again!) with a slightly nutty aroma. Nice and creamy in the mouth with a hint of chocolate. Great sweet fruity finish.

Ethiopian Harrar – JGC Exclusive Lot

Check out Peter’s write-up of the story of this coffee on the JGC site. A really awesome and unusual lot of coffee – so chocolatey, dry cocoa with just a hint of gamey fruit. Makes a really fantastic single origin espresso and works brilliantly with milk in a cappa. You’d expect a straight Harrar espresso to be too gamey and over-ripe-fruity to work (like a dead body floating in your cup. Sorry, macabre analogy), but this rewrites the rule book. Try it before its all gone.


~ by E-83 on November 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Amazing Ethiopian Coffees!”

  1. The Biloya sounds interesting – it is a station that is gaining some notoriety (it is a washing station isn’t it? Or is it geographical, I get confused by Ethiopia). Might have to order up a bag when I am back in a week or so.

  2. You may be highly interested in my comments on my blog regarding the Biloya. It was a remarkable experience that will, IMHO, rarely be rivaled in my mind.

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