White Espresso

So, has anyone tried this?

We gave it a go a while ago, and we’ve been wondering ever since if this is anyone’s preferred method of getting their caffeine hit.

Let me explain, from what i understand: You pull the beans from the roaster at the point when they’ve become colourless, hence the term “white”. Grinding was a scary affair, mucho noise and  very peanutty smell (this would be a recurring theme for the following hours).

The extraction was very pale, for obvious reasons, looking and smelling like peanut tea. And guess what it tasted like? Yes! Peanut tea! If i remember correctly, it was very, very sweet, which kind of goes against the whole theory of roasting – breaking down chains of polysaccharides into sugars, etc. Interesting, no?

What was at first an interesting experience for the senses, soon turned into a flavour that wouldn’t shift from the palate, haunting every taste bud with its weirdness.

There maybe something in there, somewhere…


~ by E-83 on November 8, 2007.

9 Responses to “White Espresso”

  1. I am really curious about this. Actually the sweet thing does make sense as roasting doesn’t breakdown long chain polysaccharides, but creates them. Most simple sugars are very reactive and heat sends them into either caramlisation (long chains) or into the maillard reactions (all sorts of everything). There is very little to no sweet, simple sugars left quite early on in roasting. I think the sweetness we talk about when it comes to coffee is a misuse of the term because even the sweetest cups/shots aren’t simple sugary sweet (or I’ve never had one like anyhow, and I’ve tasted a lot of “sweet” shots).

    Now I just need to borrow someones sample roaster for 15 minutes. I would worry about the effect on burr life doing this a lot though!

  2. I suspected something like this, but once again literary constraints prevent a deeper look (getting Internet connection very soon! Yey!).

    It did occur that for the caramelisation/maillards to begin, there must first be sugars present. But I didn’t expect what was found.

    I’d have thought that the grinder’s motor would be more of a worry (financially, at least).

    I do hope some others can comment on this topic.

  3. We had a coffe house in our area that served it and a WHOLE LOT of people LOVED it!!!! Especially people like me who are not really big on the “coffee” taste, and not thrilled with drinking soda to get their caffine fix. Unfortuneatly, they have now gone out of business (I think more due to lack-of-foot traffic because of construction), and I’m hooked on a product I can’t find for love nor money. I have a friend who hates the taste of coffee, and chocolate (!!) and drinks about 5 Diet Cokes a day, which was leading to health issues. The barista made her a 4 shot white espresso with vanilla and bannana. SHE LOVED IT and switched right away… needless to say, since they are now out of business, she is back to soda.
    The White Espresso for people who don’t like coffee flavor could be a really big niche for the industry. It would be helpful if you could find it ANYWHERE right now (I swear, I would probably cough up a lung or donate a kidney for a pound of ground bulk).

  4. White coffee is in fact an under-roasted bean. The idea is more caffeine with a shorter roasting time. Nutty flavor with more caffeine. Drop me a line and I can tell you how to get more. chuck@olycrest.com

  5. I have some friends here in seaside,OR who own a coffee shop and own a roasting company also.


    just drop them an email, and let them know that you would like to purchase a pound of white espresso.

  6. I have been drinking white coffee for years, it’s very popular in Spokane, Washington. I live in California now so I order it through Thomas Hammer Coffee, can’t seem to find it any place else. When mixed with chocolate and steamed milk it’s like drinking a light hot chocolate you can use white chocolate as well, and you get twice the caffine as regular coffee because roasting it takes out a lot of the natural caffine. You can get it preground and you use it in an esspresso maker. I have never liked the bitter taste of coffee so it was a blessing when i found this. Oh put a dab of whip cream on it and you have a cup of coffee that is just to die for.

  7. I have been told to run white espresso through the portifilter two times which equals 4 shots. example: If you wanted a double shot you would run a single shot twice. So, is there the same amount of caffeine in the second run through, if not why run through twice?

  8. […] tasted like a full-flavored mocha with a dollop of restraint. It’s awesome. Try it. Actually, another blogger shared a description of the flavor that also follows the ghastly motif: “What was at first an […]

  9. we carry white espresso from seaside coffee roasters and we have at least 20 customers a day order a beverage with white espresso. is river maiden in the portland,or/vancouver,wa area?

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