Here goes another one!

A belated Merry Christmas and happy New Year to everyone after something of a hiatus! Apologies to the two or three people whom read this page, but things have been somewhat hectic and stressful of late (thank you BT, Orange and other companies whom make moving so joyous.) As you should soon realise, i finally have Internet access at home, together with some lovely views over the Wye Valley, and am steadily working out where I’ve stashed up all my possessions in this new place.

Posting was made difficult in the latter half of last year after my Powerbook charger spontaneously combusted (above), nearly destroying everything i own. This occurred just as i was on my way out. Had i not forgotten something, returned to the flat and seen the thing actually on fire, i would certainly not be in the mood i am now. Thank you Apple.

Coffee-wise, and on a more positive note, we took delivery of a lovely bag of Ethiopian Biloya and a couple of Helen Negus Yirgacheffe, just in time for Christmas. Excellent! Foolishly, I’ve entered the UKBC this year, and with the my regional heat just over a week away I’m absolutely bricking it. Its more for the coffee and a good laugh i guess, as I’ve never worked in a cafe, nor does a roaster entering a barista competition sound too promising! Don’t watch this space!

At the roastery, we (Peter really) cleaned the blocked chimneys that were the cause of the sloooooooow cooling coffee and the thick, smokey air inside the JGC unit. It was a bit of a shock to have full airflow control back on both roasters, then having to adjust the roasting technique. Really interesting how you subconsciously adapt your way of working to get the best performance from the equipment.

Posts should be flowing more freely in these parts now, so I’ll catch you in a while, whilst i try to remember other events of note.


~ by E-83 on January 7, 2008.

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