So, just a day or two until the UKBC heat and the last weeks/months nerves have settled a bit. I’ve had a few people in to be an audience and also done my set in front of a camera, which should be somewhat cringe-worthy viewing for me, but many thanks to those people who’ve helped me out so far. Things are feeling more fun, rather than challenging, which is the whole idea, isn’t it? I’ve pretty much got all my equipment for the presentation, which puts to rest other worries. Still embarrassingly last-minute, but i guess thats the way we roll!

On a more on-topic note, I’m still loving those Ethiopian coffees: had a great cafetiere of the Helen Negus this morning; like candied lemon peel; brown sugar and lemon – an awesome winter drink and really pleasant cup.

I’ve been meaning to post about some new cups we’ve got (may be of some interest to James, as he is currently posting about his porcelain fetish), but i haven’t found the time to take the pics and write up, whilst in the meantime, more and more have been added to the pile on top of the machines here in the showroom.

I have some interesting notes to write up for the food page of this blog, though trying to find the time is tricky, plus I’m not sure if its really the right place for it. Perhaps the peeps at eGullet should hear my voice (or not!!!)


~ by E-83 on January 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Preparation”

  1. How did it go? Tell all!

  2. Yeah, not bad. I managed to keep it together and not mess up in that respect. Think i was trying to be a bit too clever with the coffee and i guess it didn’t work out too well, but never mind, was good fun. A full post will follow shortly!

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