Well, with the UKBC well and truly out of the way, stress levels are now returning to normal and i’m getting the chance to chill out a little bit. Posting here has been sparse of late as i have become a little disillusioned with the whole concept of blogging, over the last few months.

I rarely read much online, as i struggle to find enough time in the day to do the essential day-in, day-out stuff like shopping, cooking and cleaning. Though on those few moments that i have, i’ve become so wound up and angry with a great deal of what is out there.

There are so many pages that should be renamed “get me dot com” where blogging is just a hideous form of narcissistic self promotion. Wayne Kerrs talking sheet about themselves and hyping up coffees that are far from what should be included under the “Speciality Coffee” banner. I find the whole thing totally abhorrent, and just don’t want to be associated with that. It is for that reason my mouse cursor has hovered over the “Delete Blog” option in my WordPress Admin pages too many times for me to recollect in these past months.

Of course, there are a few gems of true wisdom out there, and they know who they are. Lets just hope they don’t suffer the bout of annoyance that i do.


~ by E-83 on February 28, 2008.

One Response to “Posting”

  1. It is sometimes hard to remember why one starts writing these things, and for me I do also worry it has pretty much become habit.

    Worse still I worry that it is nothing more than further evidence of my own and the general public’s growing narcissism, with social networking sites and a celebrity driven culture making us think that we are all fascinating and anything and everything we say is somehow worthy and interesting.

    People ask me why I write mine, why I worry about it or take time over it. I confess I enjoy it but mostly because the experience stayed true to what I wanted which was to develop and learn and exchange ideas and information. Through it I’ve learnt a great deal.

    There is a lot of devastatingly boring opinion posted online (in coffee and in lots else), however I am interested in what you have to say so I hope you keep posting as I plan to keep reading.

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