Copenhagen 2008

My brain is fitted with a safety mechanism to forget things i really don’t want to remember, which is why the latter half of Saturday night remains a mystery to me. I therefore must apologise to those i was with, or met in the evening, for getting so wasted. It was certainly not intended – some drinks must have just crept up on me in one hit. Very poor form and most unprofessional.

Back to things more relevant – a big well done to Stephen Morrissey in winning the WBC, keeping it within the tour de force that is Square Mile Coffee Roasters. Peter and i didn’t actually catch the final, as we flew back Sunday morning, but it was good to see his name at the top when we returned. It was also really good to catch up with some of the guys from the recent C.A. trip together with the usual suspects in the world of coffee.

There were, of course, lots of very cool toys on display including:

Mahlkonig Vario – a ceramic-burred home grinder. Just a prototype on demo, so no photos, but it looks promising.

Malykke Coffee Grinder – cafetiere and espresso grind-on-demand! Very nicely designed grinder with an optional kit to switch between cafetire and espresso. When setup for cafetiere, you hang the cafetiere on the sensor, the grinder detects the size of cafetiere and grinds the correct amount of coffee. it can be wall mounted of free standing. Conical burrs too, really nice dispersion of grinds. Very cool.

Joper Coffee Roasters – A Portugeese roaster manufacturer which seem to address many of the issues the average roaster design encounters. As if it were designed for roasters, with no corners cut at any point during the design and manufacture stages and built totally in cast iron. You want it made a little shorter? You got it. You want the podium controls fixed to the machine, wait, you want them free standing? On castors? With some nice bells and whistles? And lights and alarms? Easy to clean? Guess what? You got it! All at a very reasonable price. They put some of the big, European manufacturers to shame.

On the Friday night, and much to our delight, we were taken out for dinner to The Paul by our good friend and excellenty host, Maria Oerskov of Marista Kaffe. Sitting in the fairytale grounds of Tivoli, we were treated to the tasting menu, eight or nine courses ranging from many things swimming, that had only just ceased to be, through to a main of poussin & foie, followed by a host of adventurous desserts, all accompanied by some fantastic wine. We were even joined for a short while by head chef Paul Cunningham, a good old Essex lad who seems to be always up for a laugh. A meal i will certainly not forget.


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